More 2012 Highlights! - Super Leggy Models

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - In the carshow promotional modeling full of sizes and heights, there are models who literally stands out of the crowd, with their incredible slender long legs.  To lead the pack, without a doubt is Jamie Michelle.  She has that super model physique, beautiful look, and totally awesome personality.  We are so happy to have her in our feature!

Kristy Lei Juan is another leggy model that instantly caught our eyes when she just casually made a pose for us.  Kristy is such a cool model that there is a bohemian dna in her that makes her enjoy traveling all around the world.  And we are also very happy to have her in our feature as well!

Tailyr Monettte made the traffic stopped, people stood in awe, and cannot stop comment on her pictures.  Simply amazing!  Keep up the good work Tailyr!

Then Elyse is definitely a fashion model in presence but zero diva in person.  She is such a professional, easy-to-work-with, and overall amazing model, that we also also very happy to have her in our feature!
There are many more mdoels that fit into this special category.  If you have someone in mind, let us know and we will try to retrieve from our vault for you.  :-)