Krys Angeles - W&HM Feature

Pasadena, CA (Py) - When we first met Krys Angeles, it was at the 2011 Women of Perfection show [int link].  We were impressed by her presence at the show. Her silky golden hair and lake-wake blue eyes made her like a guest appearance at the Asian-model-predominant show.  Ever since, her modeling has taken off and spawned off with a strong showing!
We are very happy to have Krys to be our special feature.  It's been a long time planning and finally came to fruition on a day of heavy fog, snappy cold weather, and chaotic logistics.  Nonetheless, the results turned out to to be a calm and serene combination of glamour and beauty and fun pictures.  Krys is a true professional for sure!!  Great job!  We will know more about her in tomorrow's segment!
Where to find Krys:
Twitter and Instagram: @KrysAngelesYo

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