Cannot let go 2012... More Highlights

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - The US Fiscal Cliff jump-off has been fortunately detoured back to the semi-normalcy on the new year's day.  However we are still enjoying the cool rides in 2012, and cannot stop sharing the gorgeous models that we encountered last year.

We picked Helen Fancik's cool 3-point landing picture to lead the pack, because it's just a brilliant picture with bold colors, nice background, meaningful pose, and of an awesome model!  Super cool!
Ashley Malia is a quiet storm that cause good effects on carshow model fans.  Nice!
Dannie Riel (below) is such a popular model that there seems to be a mob following her wherever she goes.  Wow!
Marie Alvarez is a super cute angel that dabbles everywhere.
On the other hand, Jenny Ladner is a super glam model that shows off the super glam cars and wheels!

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