Melyssa Grace - 2012 Dec W&HM Cover Model Part 3

Pasadena, CA (Py) - It would be cool to stop and look really close to Melyssa's photos.  She has so much range and talents that we wish all models can get at least 50% of them... Simple "Awesome!"

(interview continued from the previous part)

W&HM: Here is a different topic. Can you share a quote that truly inspires you?
Melyssa: Love is real force and dreams do come true.

W&HM: That’s super! Very cool! Do you usually make decisions with your head or your heart, or do you just go with your guts?
Melyssa: I go with my gut because the butterfly feeling in my stomach is usually intuition.

W&HM: Haha very interesting! By the way do you have any pets, and how old are they?

Melyssa: Yes, I have three dogs. I am and animal lover. One is five years old and the other two are still puppies who just turned one year old.

(to be continued in the next part)
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