Melyssa Grace - 2012 Dec W&HM Cover Model

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - (This is a continuation from the previous segment of the feature.)

We like to take a moment to pay our high respect here, based on our working experiences with her.

Melyssa Grace is an amazing person that she takes life by the horn.  When she sets her mind on something, she is a destined achiever!  Despite ill-situations, obstacles, challenges, or even pressures being thrown on her, she handles like a pro, like a Tai-Chi master, like a UN negotiator.  Totally awesome!
And the results show that she is the master of her own path.  Instead of reacting to problems, she handles the problems.  Instead of emotionally affected by the issues at hand, she wrangle the issues so that they become non-issues.  We are deeply impressed by her will, determination, versatility, and interpersonal skills.
(to be comtinued)
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