2012 LA Autoshow Highlight 1

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Los Angeles Autoshow, there were a lot of  unveiling of many new car and innovative technologies.  In our promotional domain, it's the same as we discovered several new faces that you don't meet in regular carshows.  Both are very exciting!

The upstairs are the main exhibit spaces, where all the major manufacturers display their glitzy and shiny cars to attract attentions.  In order not to divert the eye sights away from their precious display, models usually wear very amicable uniforms.  The Fiat model (above) has that sweet innocent look, while Jessyca Rayanne (below left) has that sharp and smart style to demonstrate her professional modeling ability.  When Jessyca was introducing Dodge's SRT, it was a very cool moment!
Then when you entered the underground level, where all the aftermarket and related vendors congregate, that's where the real promotional fun starts!  Elyse (above right) certainly won our like for Al & Ed's.  Lena Hakim (below left) for the Bespoke Sprinters, looks super stunning that literally stopped the traffic at the door.  Liz Michelle (below right) joining Elyse for Al & Ed's cool and big space there.
Jimena Grimaldos, the Columbian super beauty, looks totally wow with Specialty Car Care white uniform minidress.  It's a surreal moment!
And we have Shendelle Schockman (below left) and Amanda Corey (below middle) are so cool to talk with who definitely brought lots of traffic to the CATT, California Traffic Ticket booth.  Great job!!