Daha Ju and Yunmi Huh, Rare Korean Hankook Models Appearance in The US

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Do you know "Hankook" mean "Korea"?  Well, now you do. :-)  And the big SEMA show would not be the same if they did not bring their top Hankook race queens to the show.  And we were totally delighted to meet Daha Ju (above) and Yunmi Huh (below, the other model) at the show.
Daha Ju has that classical beauty that is timeless and super impressionable, while Yunmi Huh is the contemporary version and has all those cool looks.
You can tell that they pose differently than the counterpart from the US.

And can't leave them without their signature Asian model expressions!  Super awesome!

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