April 30, 2012

W&HM Cover Model - Jamie Michelle, Wheels and Heels Magazine

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are super happy that we have the celeb-model, Jamie Michelle, as our cover model.  It's not just because she is widely famous and totally gorgeous, she is truly dedicated, fantastically resourceful, highly professional, very down-to-earth, awesomely friendly, and never-miss-a-target kind of model; i.e. a pure genius!!

A great photo or photo series, besides the intricate production behind it, usually comes down mostly to two parts, (1) the photographer's ability to set up the shot, and (2) the model's ability to create the look.  You would not need to be concerned about the second part if you work with Jamie.  The amount of the talents and skills that she brings to the table will trump anything you have on it, a true champion!!   We are sure that anybody who has worked with her would say the same as well!  Gazillion tons of kudos, Jamie!!

Jamie Michelle has a beautiful heritage of Cherokee Indian and Caucasian in her DNA.  Her tall and slim figure is perfect for fashion, commercial, ads, print, web,... and airwaves too!!  Totally awesome!!

Okay, let's find out more about her!!

W&HM: Jamie!!  It's so great to have you as our featured cover model!  Totally awesome!!  First off, many of our readers have seen you in various coverage that we have in the past.  Could you tell us more about yourself so that they could know you better?
Jamie: Well I'm just a normal girl. I'm a  working mother I love reality tv lol and being around family and lived ones. I'm a total Gamer and computer Geek. Lol other than that I'm pretty boring lol! ;)

W&HM: Wow, that's super impressive!  How do you like modeling so far?
Jamie: I love it. It's an everyday thing to me. It's my job.

More to come tomorrow!

April 29, 2012

Infamous Car Show Highlights - Immediate Release

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 Torrance, CA (W&HM) - At the 20th anniversary of the historical 1992 Los Angeles riot, the Infamous Car Show has done a wonderful job in having a totally integrated car show/meet/event.  Not only the participants and show-goers are from all races, including African American, Asians, Caucasians, Hispanic, Pacific Islanders, probably Aliens too, the cars showed up at the event has import, custom/modified, low rider, monster truck, vintage, bikes, and tricycle.  Nothing says better than a kaleidoscope of people and cars from all places and genres tightly knitted in two shopping complex parking lots.  Great job and very nicely done, Infamous Car Show!!

If this is an indication of the upcoming Extreme Autofest, it's going to be a super fun and cool one!!

JDM girls dominated the scene!  They came out in strong presence, with awesome models!!

 The cars and parts and mods are beyond cool!  They are creative, articulated and awesome!!

 Elyse has that special and such a charming smile, always!!

 Jenna Lynn (left), Lena Love (middle) and Elyse (right) are so fun to shoot with!!  If you have a bad day, meet the three ladies and you will be super brightened up!

 Amanda from Mr. Clean Promotion gave us a wonderful impromptu posing session.  Awesome!
 Cristianne also from Mr. Clean Promotion gave us a scale of the monstery of the monster truck, even though she is very tall already!
 Ngan Vo (left) and Lola Foxx showed us from a different perspective.
 Lola Foxx is very cool in working with the tricycle!
 The dynamic duo is very + very cool!  Great job!!
 Ngan Vo lunging on the tricycle for a picture perfect click...
 Lena Love strong features totally complement the bold colors and wild metal works surrounding her.
 Elyse is such a natural born model!!  Super awesome!!
 Jenna Lynn looks great with the JDM car!

April 28, 2012

Girls From Hankook, GXS, Hooters, LUSH, and Mav TV

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Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Hankook this time, has a totally new line up.  We have 3.5 models covered here (later).  From the above photo: Megan Belet, Erica Nagashima, Vivian Nguyen, look very + very + very good!

Erica Nagashima has that magazine cover model quality in her.  Great job!

Sorry Danielle Lo (left, busy signing the poser) that we did not do a full justice in this picture!  Our photojournalism failed big time here!

The GXS Girls have that orange hue in them as well.

Hooters girls also have that orange tint too!

LUSH Lounge models...

MAV TV has a huge and bright smile!  Nice!

From the crowd, she really should be a model in one of the booths there.  If you are not, definitely apply for one!

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