August 31, 2011

Elysha Lee, Celeste Staana, Randyl Dawn, Nicole Marie and More at 2011 FD LV

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - During the 2011 Formula Drift Round 6 After Dark event, we were so happy to see Elysha Lee at the show!!  She did a wonderful job in our Featured Model Editorial [internal link]!!

 Celeste is always a great friend to meet at the show!!  She could pour her life story to you just like a good friend!

 She told us that she wants to learn more about photography.  Super cool girl!  Next time, you see Celeste, definitely share your professional photography tips with her!

 Randyl Dawn is so wonderful and warm at the show!  She's the first one we met at the event, and one of the warmest models as well!!

 When we reviewed the pictures together, we all love the below one a lot.  Don't  you agree?

 Ah, the Hankook girls!!  Nicole Marie (2nd from the right) is again working hard here.  She is really making a big name out there!!  Kudos!!

August 30, 2011

Cover Model - Chelsie Lynn, Wheels and Heels Magazine Part 2

 Los Angeles, CA (Py) - continued from Part 1
 W&HM: Are you a competitive type of person or a we-are-the-world type?
Chelsie: Hahaha this is funny. I have a very competitive personality, I can't handle being a loser. My motives are to always be on top of it, don't live life being average, & you always have to strive to win.

 W&HM: That's very cool!  You must be super successful in whatever you choose to do, I am sure!!  A question come to mind... what is the most inspiring quote or saying to you that can share with us?
Chelsie: "It's never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot

 W&HM: Love it!!  It gives hope to everyone!! :-)  Cool! On relationship, what success factors do you think are most important?
Chelsie: You need friendship, with a lot of laughter.  Honesty and Respect. Absolutely vital to the survival of a relationship. With all this it enables everything else to grow.

 W&HM: Do you follow any kind of sports?  Do you play any?
Chelsie: I do follow a lot of sports! Mainly Basketball and I got to love my Clippers. Sorry guys but I'm a huge Eric Gordon and Blake Griffen fan there both such awesome players. Just watch :) I did play sports growing up, being a goalie on the soccer team or a shooting guard for my basketball team, ran track and played Volleyball in college. See this is why I'm such a competitive player, always had to be on my A-Game!!

 W&HM: Wow, that's super impressive!!  Many kudos!!  Okay, a 180degree question... Coke or Pepsi?  Why?
Chelsie: I'm not a huge fan of the two & I really can't taste the difference.  But typically if I had to choose it would be Coke. Just because it sounds better you don't order Jack n Pepsi? or Rum n Pepsi? ......Yeah thought so.

 W&HM: Haha, that's an interesting perspective!!  Cool!  Do you have any pets?  What are the most fun activities you do with them?
Chelsie: I do! I have some of the coolest pets! I have a Bijon Frise (Niko); they look like miniature poodles but by far the most smartest dogs on the planet. Then for size I have a Great Dane (Brewski); This dog is the biggest dog you can ever find! I also have a Chinchilla (Mimi) & of course I have a bunch of unique fish.

There will be a part 3 coming up in a few days... Stay tuned please...

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August 29, 2011

Cover Model - Chelsie Lynn, Wheels and Heels Magazine

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 Los Angeles, CA (Py) - For this month, we have the great pleasure to have Chelsie Lynn as our cover model!!  We met Chelsie almost 4 years ago at the HIN show (which used to be really big...)  She impressed us back then with her great talent and wonderful friendliness.  After a couple of years, we haven't seen her much, thinking that was an end of a great model.  We were very happy to see her again at this year's Spocom and Motion Auto Show Expo!!  It's like you just found a great friend that you lost contact with, or you discovered a bookmark of a $100 bill in a book that you read long time ago, or a great piece of article that you read before but gave you a new meaning now when you read it again... Well, you get the general idea...
 Chelsie Lynn is such a wonderful model to work with, that she is the model of models for work ethics, professionalism, extensive talents and wonderful personality.  She is simply a great fun and pleasure to work with!!

We also are very happy to have Chris Ross's motorcycle for our shoot with Chelsie Lynn.  According to Chirs, "The The motorcycle is a heavily modded 2007 Yamaha FZ-1.  My vision for the bike is to bridge the gap between supersport racing performance and naked street fighter style.  The modifications drastically enhance the bike over stock setup, both in terms of performance and aesthetics."  Great job Chris!!  You can find Chris at:

 Now we want to learn more about Chelsie Lynn!  So we did an interview and asked some non-cheeky questions.. :-)

 W&HM: Great meeting you Chelsie!  Please tell us a bit about yourself...
Chelsie: I'm 23 years old & currently reside in Southern California, Ca. I'm part Hawaiian, Filipino, German & English. I bet your scratching your head.  Haha.  Born in the Philippines but grew up most of my life in the Islands of Hawaii, Guam & Southern California.

 W&HM: Wow, that's a lot of beautiful DNAs in you!  Super cool!
W&HM: You actually started early in the car show scenes, right?  How was it?
Chelsie: I did! I started modeling in the import scene when I was 19 working for Boost Mobile and HIN as you all know "Hot Import Nights" I traveled all around the county for about two years.

Chelsie: Coming back is such a turn around the car industry has changed, during that time I had a little RSX-typeS and threw on a few gadgets here and there. Didn't think much of the modeling aspect of this industry. Went to shows and had a good friend ask if I'd like to model for Team Auto Concept. I said sure, I'm off that day, Let's see what this is all about. Got in and had a lot of fun, met great ordeal of people.

 W&HM: We think that it's one of the best decisions in life and in the industry... :-)
W&HM: A different topic...  What types of food do you like most?  Do you cook?  What do you cook?
Chelsie: I absolutely love any kind of Seafood. Traditionally growing up I ate a lot of fish, shrimp, fresh veggies & fruit.  Pretty awesome I know my way around the kitchen. I love to cook, I experiment different stuff each time I try a new dish.

Part 2 is coming up tomorrow!!  Please stay tuned!

2011 Formula Drift Round 6 Las Vegas - Highlights

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 Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Formula Drift Round 6 After Dark was held at Las Vegas.  This is another round of high excitements and perfection professionalism!!

We met up our feature model, Elysha Lee (left)!!  It's been a long time since the last time we saw her!!  She looks better, stronger, and more determined!!  We are very happy to see her again!

Also, we met up Celeste, where Vegas is her backyard!  Very cool!  Uh, it's super hot that day actually!!  She is always so friendly!!
 Lisa La for Nitto is having a very warm day today!
 Michelle Yee!!  Love to see her from show to show to show!!  What a dedicated model!
 Hankook!!  Enough said... Nicole Marie (2nd from right) is so cool to see again!
 We had to do a solo shoot with her too!
 Falken's Randyl Dawn, Olivia Korte, and Sarah McDowd made the temperature increased by another digit!!
 Victorial Mai is such a sweet model that you just want to keep pressing the shutter!
 The real actions on the track...
 Speed is not the top criteria in drifting...
 There no such thing as too big to drift...


 It's like a dance, in the sunset... and After the dark...

2011.0828 Update from Formula Drift Press Release: 
Formula DRIFT Round 6: After Dark Results;
Rhys Millen Takes the Victory while Daijiro Yoshihara Retains the Points Lead 
For more information, please visit 

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