2011 Formula Drift Round 6 Las Vegas - Highlights

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 Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Formula Drift Round 6 After Dark was held at Las Vegas.  This is another round of high excitements and perfection professionalism!!

We met up our feature model, Elysha Lee (left)!!  It's been a long time since the last time we saw her!!  She looks better, stronger, and more determined!!  We are very happy to see her again!

Also, we met up Celeste, where Vegas is her backyard!  Very cool!  Uh, it's super hot that day actually!!  She is always so friendly!!
 Lisa La for Nitto is having a very warm day today!
 Michelle Yee!!  Love to see her from show to show to show!!  What a dedicated model!
 Hankook!!  Enough said... Nicole Marie (2nd from right) is so cool to see again!
 We had to do a solo shoot with her too!
 Falken's Randyl Dawn, Olivia Korte, and Sarah McDowd made the temperature increased by another digit!!
 Victorial Mai is such a sweet model that you just want to keep pressing the shutter!
 The real actions on the track...
 Speed is not the top criteria in drifting...
 There no such thing as too big to drift...


 It's like a dance, in the sunset... and After the dark...

2011.0828 Update from Formula Drift Press Release: 
Formula DRIFT Round 6: After Dark Results;
Rhys Millen Takes the Victory while Daijiro Yoshihara Retains the Points Lead 
For more information, please visit http://www.formulad.com