Wheels and Heels Magazine Featuring Elysha Lee (Part 2)

(continued from Part 1 [link])

W&HM: Haha.  Okay, a truly different kind of question... What kind of food do you like?
Elysha: Oh, food, yummmm!! :-)  Actually I've sheltered all my life on food, and recently I just got adventurous.  And my all time favorite food is Indian food.  I like to have some chicken tikka masala, some naans, ahhh....  And don't let me forget Mexican food.  I love home cooked Mexican food.  :-)

W&HM: Do you cook?
Elysha: Yes, I like to cook.  I actually more like to bake than cook.  I like anything sweet. I have a huge sweet tooth.  I have desserts every night of the week, either it's cookie, chocolate something, candy bars...

W&HM: Wow, that's impressive!  Haha.  Do you follow sports?
Elysha: Hmmm, I don't follow any professional sports per se.  I did not play a team sports when I was little.  It just did not catch on me.  But I was raised as 49ers, so Go 49ers!! :-)  But, one particular sports that I truly follow closely is drifting!

W&HM: Oh, you do??!!  That's very interesting!!
Elysha: Yes, especially up in northern California, I am actually the official cute starter girl for the Thunder Drift Pro-Am drifting.  I go up there for the pro-am events, and line the guys up, and flag them down.  Sometime, you have to yell at them to get them in line... Haha.  We have a lot of fun out there.  I think Northern California is producing some strong drivers to be reckoned with...

W&HM: Wow!!  Have you thought about drifting yourself?
Elysha: Hmmm, I've been drifting in the past.  I am actually going to pick up some parts these days for my very first drift event by the very car that is put together by me, in April!  Very soon!

W&HM: That's wow!  It's like you plant your own seeds, and grow your own wheats, and brew your own beers...  Wow.
Elysha: I get to enjoy my fruits of my labor.  I can't wait to get out there...

W&HM: So do you think you will be doing professional drifting in the future?
Elysha: I think I will always be part of the professional drift events, and will always advocate them.  But personally, driving is just my outlet.  That is just something for me.  I don't want to be judged on that.  As long as my passenger is having fun, my spectators are having fun,... I don't want to be judged.  I just wan to have fun.

W&HM: That's so cool!  Okay, a totally super light-hearted question.  When you go to the beach, what would you like to wear?
Elysha: Well, it would be bikinis, strips or polka dots.  And my favor color is green, but I don't own anything green... :-)

W&HM: How come you like green?  It's not quite common...
Elysha: I grew up in the mountains.  I grew up in a very little tiny town with lots of trees and grass.  Oh actually my Dad had a Datsun 510 when I was growing up and it's green.  We called it "The Green Car".  Always, it's just "The Green Car".

W&HM: Do you always name your cars?  Haha
Elysha: Well,... I don't have brothers and sisters, so I have to pull in some attachments to me, right?  Haha  Come to think of it, I think all my life is something related to the cars... Hmmm...

W&HM: That's a great segaway too!  Say if you have all the money in the world, what would you get?
Elysha: (Affirmatively) I will have a Porsche GT3, Black on Black.  It's gonna be beautiful.  It's not "IF" I have the money... It's "WHEN" I have the money... ;->  I will own a Porsche in my life!

W&HM: Nice!!  We totally see that in your future.  We just wish you to be a very very soon future to have one!!  Okay, the last question.  What would you say to  your fans out there?
Elysha: OMG, hmmm, well, keep coming up to me, keep talking to me, and keep getting to know me and have fun!  I think you for your support!  Big thanks to a couple of guys that got me boosted to stick to it and made it through.  :-)  And I will be going to all the Formula Drift events around the country.  I am very excited about it!!!

W&HM: Great! How do people find you?
Elysha: You can go to my website:


or come to my facebook fan page of Elysha Lee.  That would be the best way to get connected!!

W&HM: Thank you so much!!!
Elysha: Yay!!  :-)

Part 1 can be found in this [link]

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