Featured Model - Kate Derr and Team ShoPow (2/2)

This is the part 2 of the featured editorial.

Now back to our interview with Kate:
W&HM: And what style of swimsuit you like most?
Kate: My favorite at the moment would have to be the itty-bitty sexy string bikinis. A classic, but still sexy, pinup-style bikini is something I've always wanted and loved as well.

W&HM: Do you like sushi? It seems that most gorgeous models love sushi. What's your top pick of foods?
Kate: I must honestly say that I've never tried sushi. You caught me! Haha I'm a big fan of Italian food. I love it.

Unfortunately we did not prepare the bikini that she loves...

Memo to the wardrobe department: "Less is More!!"

W&HM: That's wonderful! Do you have a web site that people can look you up for more amazing work that you have done?
Kate: absolutely. You can see my best photos at (the end of the editorial).

W&HM: Last question, what would you like to say to your current and future fans out there?
Kate: be genuine in everything you do. Anyone you meet in your life could open a new opportunity. Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

W&HM: Thank you so much Kate!! You are always + always amazing and beautiful and talented!! Will we see you again here?
Kate: Thank you so very much, and yes, I look forward to working together again!

W&HM: Thanks again!!
We are so happy to have Kate and Team ShoPow with us for this editorial!! If you like to see more wonderful photos of this great model here you will find them:

Keep up the good work, guys!! See you soon again!!

Here is Part 1. And this is Part 2 (this one).

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