May 31, 2010

Redline Time Attack Fontana

Redline Time Attack in Fontana is a fun little gem. Despite the high-mercury hot, lip-cracking dry weather, many models poured in and show their support to the event! Originally it was perceived as a small gather and not many promotional models would go. When I was there, within a minute, the beauty contest was on, and there were some really cool models there!

Novella is looking very good here!! She's the Redline Time Attack Winner in April, touring with the event down in this hot and dry (did I say it again?) SoCal here.

Ms Jei Lynn is looking super hot there, as Miss Redline Time Attack Las Vegas!!

Models do eat junk foods!! Haha.

Alexia Cortez is always + always looking good!!

[TIP] Go there early, even though you thought there will be few models, with hot hot sun and dry dry wind... It's worth it!
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May 28, 2010

Jenny Li - W&HM

Jenny Li is a wonderful star in the making. She knows how to be in front of the camera, and show her absolutely gorgeous poses.

During the bikini contest, Jenny had an _almost_ accident, but smartly, she maintained her cool and grace and totally recovered from it and avoided a potential headache headline... Good job Jenny!!

We will have more Jenny's photos later on. Stay tuned!!

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May 27, 2010

XDC LV - Patricia Engeberg and Melanie

During the XDC show, there were several vendors there. However the models did not quite match up the number of vendors. But Patricia Enegberg and Melanie stood out among them. They worked tirelessly in the booth, dancing and posing, under the gusty wind and deceiving sun heat...

Patricia is very cool, with that turquoise eyes. It's amazing when you look into her eyes... It's like a maze or a deep space...

Melanie is an energetic and warm person. She made you feel that you are always welcome and she posed with that extreme outstretch, perfectly for the extreme drift circuit (XDC)! Very cool!

Keep up the good work girls!!

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May 26, 2010

XDC Las Vegas XDC Girls - W&HM

Las Vegas has a lot of charms and gems and treasures. One of them is their models. The models from Las Vegas are a bit different than the SoCal's. Many look like they can right out jump on the stage and start performing in a multi-talented competitions in Miss America.

Also, they are friendly, down to earth, and maybe just my own perception, love to see us there! They make you feel like pampered for some reason. That's super cool!

Hopefully the following few photos will inspire people to become a race car driver... Haha.

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May 25, 2010

W&HM Featured Model - Katrina T.

We are very happy to introduce Katrina as our W&HM Featured Model.
We first saw her at the Formula Drift down in Long Beach earlier in
April this year (2010). She is the Hankook spokesmodel and she
literally stood out of the crowd as she is tall and lean and very
friendly! What a great combination!! She will be with Hankook
touring various cities, so definitely check out your local car show
early and ask Hankook vendor if Katrina will be there!! You will be
really happy that you meet her!!

Here is a brief interview that we did with Katrina so that you know
her a bit more and know what present to give her when you see her...

W&HM: Hi, Katrina, tell us how long you've been modeling?
Katrina: I started at 8th grade and now I am in college. I love
modeling! It's the traveling, meeting with different people that are
really exciting!

W&HM: That's very cool! And what type of sport do you like most?
Katrina: I love tennis. I've been playing since I was a kid and ever since.

W&HM: Wow, many super models are also tennis players!
Katrina: Ya, like Anna Kournikova,... and... Oh, Maria Sharapova. I
love Venus Williams!!

W&HM: And what type of foods do you like most?
Katrina: I love sushi, and lasagna! AND rice krispy treats!! I love those!!

W&HM: Really, you are so thin! You don't look like eating a lot of
junk foods at all!
Katrina: I work out a lot, you know...

W&HM: That's such a blessing!! Different topic, if you have all the
money in the world, what kind of car would you get?
Katrina: I like BMW x3, NOT x5! X5 is too big. I like girly SUV type
of car, and it needs to be white too!!

W&HM: Sounds really great!! Thank you very much!
Katrina: Thank you!!

I am sure you will see Katrina a lot in the future!! She has that
super star quality that is hard to miss. Let's all wish her a great
adventure and a marvelous career!!

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