March 29, 2010

Jennifer is a super driven model! She is so versatile and has great enthusiasm about modeling! In the XDC show, not only she modeled for the vendor space, she was also up on the stage for fashion contest (more to come in the future). She's been in many shows and runways and pageantries in Southern California! Many kudos!!

The black and white duo shoot was a really great setting. Jennifer and the other model totally knew what to do and did it so gracefully!! Super cool!

Also, do you know that Jennifer is Miss Taiwan!! How cool is that!!

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March 25, 2010

XDC @ Irwindale - Super Models

XDC, Extreme Drift Circuit, has finally made it last Sunday at Irwindale, CA. This is like HIN in the past, only at a more petite scale, which is cool, because HIN was overwhelming, like a CES show. XDC is more cozy and easy to walk around and chat with everybody.

There are many vendors and models there, both the well established as well as the budding aspired. They have a different feel than DUB show's, which is a bit raw to me.

The weather was "too perfect". The sun was really up there, and the temperature was as well. Models were semi fainting or busy with reapplying their make ups. It really felt like it's July already.

This XDC event was really well run, and we much look forward to future XDC events here!!!

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March 21, 2010

DUB Anaheim - J Marie

J Marie is an amazing model. She is not only super gorgeous, she can project a mood, a look, a feeling, and a style; she is truly an amazing model! She definitely bring out the best of the car, the most of the model, and the wonderful of the photos. Many kudos!

Did not get a chance to do an interview with her. There is always a next time then... Haha

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March 19, 2010

DUB Anaheim - Jenny

Jenny has that very enticing look. At first, among all the girls around that space, Jenny was drown by the identical uniforms. However, when you come close, she stood out like a white swan. Then when you look at the photos, she is really amazing and has that alluring look! Super cool girl!

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March 16, 2010

DUB Anaheim - Elizabeth

Elizabeth was one model that dressed pretty much ready to go to a party. She projected a gentle aura (because of the back light) and easy feeling (very approachable). She definitely created a refreshing air among the loud scene there. Very cool!

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March 15, 2010

DUB Anaheim - Angela & Erica

Angela and Erica are the most fun models that I met at the DUB show. They were truly enjoying the place, the theme and the fun! Within short 60 sec, you can see all different kinds of expression, actions, and emotions in a single micro-shoot. They are simply amazing!! Hopefully we will see them more in the future shows as well!!

Keep up the good work!!

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March 12, 2010

DUB Anaheim - Tabitha Martinez

The world is so small that everybody meets everybody somehow somewhere sometime... On the Friday night before DUB, I was covering an event and took a couple of photos of this beautiful and tall and stylish girl at a club. Besides the striking images of her, the only thing I could remember was that she shouted her name to my ear, "Tabitha!". How I remembered it was just pure magic...

The next day, when I was surfing on the web, strangely enough, I bumped into a Tabitha's MM profile. And sure enough, it's her!

Then came Sunday, I went to the DUB show. And you guessed it, I met with her purely by coincident at the Show. She was doing the promotion work for a charity (did not remember the name...) This time, I learned, so I asked her for a few photos, and she sunny-ly accepted and some great photos came out!! Love to share with everybody here!

Please do check out her profile, which provides even more beautiful captures of her beauty.

She is just amazing!! Totally wish her a wonderful career!! Hopefully we will see her again in the future!! :-)
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