Curvy Autocon Girls Brought Passion and Hotness to the Formula Drift 2017 @autoconevents #formuladrift / W&HM Staff
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The dual of Autocon girls at the Formula Drift is simply hot, to say the least!  At the event, we knew that there would be a car show on site.  Autocon is highly known for their highly selective car showing.  However, we did not expect two amazingly hot models would show up and do the Autocon plaque waving.  Totally awesome!

Highlights of Models at 2017 Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 3 by Sage Photographer Clinton Lum @calibre68

our cover model Hanna Ferraez in black top and black shorts in Spec-D Tuning car show
Cover Model Hanna Ferraez at Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 3, 2017 by Clinton Lum

Quick Highlights of the Models at Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 3 2017 / W&HM Staff * forward any requests or questions to

Our sage photographer, Clinton Lum, has brought back to us some of the awesome coverage photos of the 2017 Spec-D Sprint Show Off 3 car meet/show.  Carrying the strong tradition of the cool cars and Spec-D girls, the event went on as fun and as easy as it always has.

The amazing Clinton has the full access to all the Spec-D models as well as others at the show.  And here are the highlights of the girls.  More detailed coverage will come in the near future.  Stay tuned!

Two Sets of Brand New Achilles Uniforms on Our Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth @arrrrlz @achilles_radial / W&HM Staff
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Our two super awesome cover models, and thunderbuddies, Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers, showed up at the Achilles Tire booth in Formula Drift 2017 Long Beach.  They looked different!

Gone are the conventional umbrella girl looks short skirts and boots.  Here are the new Achilles uniform is a body hugging and sleek looking body suits that accentuated with a logo choker on them.  They looked smashing!  And that's only the day 1!

On Day 2, they completely changed to their new unfirom, #2.  The great looking top with mini skirt and signature white boots, at the first glance, were similar to the previous year's.  However, at a closer and respectful inspect, they are softer material and they totally look nice!  Now that's combination of comfort and appearance, we assume...

Definitely check out many more photos of these two awesome cover models here...

The Top Model Marie Madore and Big Abe at @MarieMMao

top model Marie Madore in deep v top and denim shorts and Big Abe with his big wheel on his neck at Formula Drift 2017
Marie Madore and Big Abe in front of get NRG booth in Formula Drift 2017

The top model Marie Madore adorned the NRG booth with her ultra sexy presence, and Big Abe showed up at the right time and right place! / W&HM Staff
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It's always a great moment to capture Marie Madore's pictures.  Ever since the first time we took photos of her back in the 2015 HIN show in San Diego, we were super impressed.

We saw her grow her fame like a wild fire in California in the hot summer day after 3 years of drought...  It's not funny, but it's true that her followers grew at warp speed!
Ultra sexy Marie Madore in tie-knot black top and denim shorts holding an NRG wheel
Ultra sexy Marie Madore holding an NRG wheel 
It's so nice to see her again so we took the liberty to take more time and photos of her to bring them back to you.  Definite check them out here and the label below...
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