Gorgeous Trio Corissa Furr, Brooke Boerman, and Maria Elena Anaya in Pirelli Booth at LA Autoshow 2015 @corissafurr

Corissa Furr, Brooke Boerman and Friend Made Pirelli One of The Busiest Stop at LA Autoshow 2015

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At the LA Autoshow 2015, Pirelli brought in three awesome models. One of them is our cover model Corissa Furr, together with Brooke Boerman as well as Maria Elena Anaya at the West Hall atrium.

All these models were very friendly and approachable, as well as highly sociable, and not to mention they are beautiful and very photogenic!  That's what we talk about a good brand ambassador should be!

Pirelli Brand Ambassador - Corissa Furr (Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model)

Corissa Furr is a legend.  Since we covered her in our early history, Corissa is already a well known highly sought after model.  Every time we see her, she is more and more beautiful than before.  Her high work ethics and super professional interaction have earned her many repeating and new business.  

And every pictures that we took of her, they are no filter needed.  She has that perfect complexion and look.  We cannot say enough of how awesome she is.  If anyone should write a book about promotional modeling, Corissa would be the one!

Pirelli Brand Ambassador - Brooke Boerman 

Out of the cold Chicago snow blizzard, came the gorgeous blonde model, Brooke Boerman.  Her sparkling smiles could match the southern California sunny sky as well as LA Autoshow's shiny cars.  We've met her at the SEMA Pirelli booth this year already, and we were happy to see her again here. We can totally tell that she is a successful model, and pretty sure that we will see her again soon!

Pirelli Brand Ambassador - Maria Elena Anaya 

This probably is the first time we met Maria Elena Anaya.  Under the West Hall dome's skylight, Maria looked particular glowing and simply elegant.  She has a natural affinity to people, so people love to come to her and take pictures with her.  The Pirelli Booth is definitely a very busy booth this year!

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