Vibrant Raquel Estrella and Senlips at #SEMA 2015 @raquel_estrella @senlips

Vibrant Raquel Estrella at The SenLips Booth in SEMA 2015 

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Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff

We don't see a whole lot of Raquel Estrella in our recent coverage of car shows and events. Partly it's because she has not been frequenting the car scenes for a while.  Now Raquel is back with her full force.  Here at the SenLips, who specializes the car lighting accessories, Raquel demonstrated her beauty and high energy again in SEMA 2015.

Raquel Estrella

In the past, we always think that Raquel Estrella is a highly talented model, with her beautiful look and bursts of energy.  Many times, we have photographed her in most dramatic and gorgeous fashion, that could be framed as great event coverage art.  Now that she is back in the promotional modeling world with ever more determination, we can only say Awesome!!  Stay tuned for more of this vivacious great model's photos in the future!

SenLips LED Off-Road lighting

With the surge in the popularity of off-road trucking trend, SenLips is in a great position to provide their LED lighting accessories to the off-roaders.  At the SEMA 2015, they have showcased multiple arrays of various LED lighting add-ons, including rack mount, side mount, flexible attachments, LED light poles, as well as many others.  The selections can definitely enhance one's off-road experience, as well as safety.

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