Model And Car Highlights of Import Face Off at Fontana Autoclub Speedway 2015 #ifo

Great Car Show, Import Face Off Fontana, With Many Show Cars and Our Cover Model Brittani Paige

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2015 Import Face-Off (IFO) Fotana is an exciting scene with lots of activities, just like many other IFO's car shows.  There were tons of cars that have unique styles and mods.  Team Hybrid as always had a huge showing at the show, with their club's shiny and gleaming cars under the So-Cal sun.

We did not see a whole lot of import models at the show, but nonetheless, our cover model, Brittani Paige, held the whole show down for, and also our feature model, Charise Jeanine were at the place, together with other models form the same region as the car show here.  That's awesome to suppot local models and spread their names and increase exposures!

Import Models at the IFO Car Show Fontana 2015

Brittani Paige for Kuya (Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model)
Charise Jeanine (Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model)
Alona Cherie
Alyssa Sage
Sparkling Jewelz
Group shot!
Team Hybrid Model
Andrea Marie

Show Cars at the IFO Car Show

Team Hybrid Cars

Nokturnal Car Club Car
Prestige Marketing Cars

More Eye Catching Show Cars

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