Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest Part 4 @offroadexpo

The Part 3 of Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Competition - Interviews with Q&As

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
The Miss Off Road Expo 2015 beauty contest had no shortage of beauty and friendly talents in their pool.

Through the introduction of each talent, we learned the appearances and personality and affinity of off road gears of their choice.  Many of the models already have had their mind made up of their dream off road truck.  That is very impressive.

And the more impressive part is that many of them also work on their trucks or cars too.  Their grease-hand approach would not come off from their refined exterior and we totally applaud their passion and dedication!  Bravo!!

One of the judges asked the contestant, Amanda Hopper to show off her beautiful footwear.  Good call!!

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