Large Coverage of The Diamond Dozen Models for MKW Wheels at SEMA 2015 @Thediamonddozen @franchescadc

The MKW Wheels and groups have brought in the big guns, again at the SEMA show 2015.

The Diamond Dozen models returned to the mega show with their mega presences and charms.

It's nothing better than debuting their new wheel design with these striking and smashing ladies!

The Diamond Dozen Models Made MKW Wheels and Groups a Huge Attraction Spot in SEMA Show!

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Las Vegas, NV /W&HM

At the SEMA show, having a press conference to announce a new product is one thing, but having amazing and gorgeous top models showcasing a debut new product is totally another.
   At the SEMA 2015, MKW Wheels, Hostile Wheels, MAK Wheels and RSR Wheels group had the amazing Diamond Dozen models for their booth presence.  Under the leadership of our cover model Franchesca DC, the team had made a huge impression and impact on the show attendees' heads as well as their cameras.

The brand new wheel design from the RSR Wheels group has an eggshell finish with the core materials infused with Magnesium.  The sleek and minimalist design has that concrete and reliability written in its character.

With the four gorgeous models flanking the wheel, the display is simply a champion crowning moment and making the air smelled like victory.

At the end of the long 4-days show, anybody would feel exhausted!  We caught a fun moment with the Diamond Dozen girls here... What a way to end a mega successful show!

Here we get an exclusive photo shoot nano-sessions with these amazing models, and bring in the almost-first-person shooting experience here!

The Diamond Dozen Model - Candace 

The Diamond Dozen Model - Alisa Marie

The Diamond Dozen Model - Alyhed Morales

The Leader of the Team, The Diamond Dozen Head, our Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model - Franchesca DC

New RSR Wheel debut at SEMA 2015

A Fun and Relaxed Moment

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