Highly Appreciated Promotionals at the LA Autoshow 2015 @corissafurr

Quick Captures of LA Autoshow Promotional Peronalities

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Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff

At the 2015 Los Angeles Autoshow press days, there were many of the car manufacturers showing off their new cars and new technologies.  One better way to capture people's attentions and coverage would be to have a strong promotional personality on the show floor.

This year, it's not like the years past, did not have a whole lot of models at the press days.  However, we still found two of our gorgeous Wheels and Heels Magazine cover models, Corissa Furr and Constance Nunes at the Pirelli and Audi show places.  Together with them were the Alfa Romeo models and a Dodge model.

It's interesting how European brands know how to best use the promotional celebrities and models than the American counterpart, and more so than the Asian parts, especially in the recent years.

Let's see how the public days would fare as far as the promotional department in the next few days!

 Corissa Furr, Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model, for Pirelli Tires

Constance Nunes, Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model, for Audi

Model at Dodge

 Model and Models at Alfa Romeo

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