Highlights of The First #Nissfest Event 2015 Ever! @thesandrawong @jessicakes33

A Great New Car Show Series Was Born, The Nissfest 2015 in Fontana CA

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Fontana, CA / Py Pai

The very first Nissfest car show has gotten off with all the cylinders firing.  At the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, CA, the brand new car show series had all the great ingredients in it.

We witnessed very dedicated Nissan car lovers, customized and upgraded cars, eager vendors and hot products, show promotional models (and they are all our cover/feature models too!), as well as activities including sound off competitions, DJing, and more.  It's definitely a festival to celebrate the birth of a promising show series.

The weather was like a mini-summer, even though we are deep into the November end, right before Thanksgiving.  Chicago had a foot of snow already, and here people still wear sandals and shorts.  It was windy like Chicago though, which is working against car show models, but all the models prevailed professionally and beautifully!

The show organizer has brought in the big guns of import car show industry.  They had Sandra Wong, Jessica Weaver, and Brittani Paige (we could not capture her at the show for some reason...).  These amazing models are all our Wheels and Heels magazine cover models so we know that the show has the best of the best!  There were so many requests of them to be in front of many cars by their owners is a testament of their sheer awesomeness and beauty!

Also at the show was our feature model Crystal Mendez (top photo), who blended in the high fashion looks into our quick shoot during the show.  The sheer high aesthetic poses that she created instantly made photos like magazine editorials!
Surveying the show, we found some really impressive cars, including a vintage and impressive 1971 Datsun, with many of the parts still in their original shapes.  and of course, there were many vendors brought in their well articulated modified cars to the show, adding a lot of colors and wow's to the attendees to appreciate.

Overall, this is a wonderful Nissan show, and we commend the hard work and strong showing of great teamwork to make it a big success!  We look forward to the next year's again soon!

Gamma Motor's Model - Crystal Mendez (Wheels and Heels Magazine Model)

Nissfest Model - Sandra Wong (Wheels and Heels magazine cover model)

Nissfest Official Model - Jessica Weaver (Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model)

One floating model that we did not capture her name... 

Some of the cool cars at the Nissfest

Sound off competitions

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