BIG Highlights of the Day 2 of #SEMA Show 2015

W&HM Cover Model
Olivia Korte in a beautiful
blue dress for Eagle
Abrasives at SEMA 2015

Big Day 2 Highlights From The Awesome SEMA Show 2015!!

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Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai
We made a small mistake saying that we have covered 60-70% of the models at the show already.  After the day 2 survey, that was totally wrong!  We have discovered more awesome models that we have not covered before and we are very happy to make this correction!  

There are so many awesome talents and models that we have not seen for a long time!  This is a wonderful big reunion occasion in an abstract sense.  

Here we also borrow the space to have a small reflection of our view on show marketing, as we have seen many companies are doing the similar or repeating the same during the show.  We would also like to share our POV and hopefully add more creative juice in the next year's show.  (In the future, we may publish a most effective way to have a promotional model for your booth presence.)


At the SEMA 2015 show, the vast show venue has provided a great opportunity for marketeers to use their creative brain power to create their own vision of audience connection and lead generation.  Through out the years, and through out the two days, we have witnessed generic product display, augmented product demos (e.g. live actions, noise generation, visual distractions, and other forms), 

and then there are the necessary evils of free giveaways, or drawings and sweepstakes, and then definitely promotional personalities, including promotional models and celebrities as well as show cars.  We probably have seen them all, and concluded that there is no easy way to formulate your marketing.  It's really on the experience, and market pulse.  What worked last year may not repeat its success this year, and being at the corner does not mean you are out of sight.


In this connected age, marketing has been extended to beyond the physical presence of information and attractions.  Pre-show engagement has become just as important as post-show follow throughs.  How to make the early engagement attractive and sticky would be a golden key to the in-show success.

One example that SEMA team has done that is super effective is the SEMA app that they created.  This app has been used for show and conference planning, and referencing, guiding as well as scheduling and note-taking.  We've seen many people use that app at the show to find their ways, to find their meetings, and to find their next hour's activities.  It's becoming easy to use and in-dispensable.  Now that's what we call sticky.


How a company being large or small, can create such stickiness to their engagement, we could only say that ease  of use and go-to-one-stop info center would be a great place to start.  For the SEMA show, if you cannot compete with the SEMA app, then make it easy for people to get to you through the app, or create information breadcrumbs that people want to make your spot a must stop.  A pre-show engagement is just as important as showing up with your gears, cars, and models in these days.



On the second day of coverage, we are really happy to see our awesome cover model, Olivia Korte.  Olivia is always one the very best models that we have covered.  No matter what you do or where you point your camera, she is always so bright and upbeat and photogenic!  We are so happy to see her again before at the show.  Also look out for a new feature of Olivia in the future print copy of the magazine too!!


W&HM Cover Model Constance Nunes
for Toyo Tires at SEMA 201
It's awesome to see Constance Nunes again!!  We have not seen this stunning cover model for ages, due to schedule conflicts with her Toyo Tire traveling.  This time we had a wonderful time to do a nano shoot while she was handling the Toyo Tire's cool VR devices.  It's so great to see her in action again!  We sure hope that she will be doing more promotional works in all car shows, as she really brought her artistry to the trade and elevate shows' qualities.


The second day's weather had a dessert shower.  It created a cold and damp outdoor environment where Achilles space is at.  However, that did not deter the awesome cover models Arley Elizabeth, Nicole Marie Reckers as well as the awesome model Chanel Urban to show up and give everybody their sunny smiles.  They are the super trooper!

Holley Performance Products Model

Konig Wheels Model - Brielle
Traxxas Models - Kim Bogle and Heidi Golznig
SCT Model
Drake Automotive Group Model
Mishimoto Model - Janey B

Barrett Jackson Models

Champion Celebrity - Jonathan Elkens
Spec-D Tuning Girls - Hanna Ferraez
(we are truly sorry to miss the company and models' names)
SAS Safety Corp Models
Genius Tools Girls - Kate Kidd 

Herkules Celebrity Driver - Ashley Sanford
ASV Models - Very very tall and bona fide fashion models
Eagle Abrasives Model - Olivia Korte
Mazda Model
ABRN Model
Kia Model - Lena Hakim
Kia Model - Lindsey Hanson
Proform Model - Jenny Ladner
Garrett by Honeywell Model / Driver - Bear Dillinger
Toyota Models
McLeod Models - Catherine Lynn
Achielles Model - Nicole Marie Reckers
Achielles Model - Chanel Urban
Achilles Model - Arley Elizabeth
Toyo  Model - Constance Nunes
(it's almost Christmas time!!)
Monster Energy Model - Alexia Cortez
Monster Energy Model
Monster Energy Trophy Award Ceremony for Baja 1000
Big Bang Models (our cover models) - Annelise Marie and Elizabeth Velasquez
Konig Model - Brielle
Strada Wheels Models
Concept One Model - Karen Denise
Concept One Model
American Truxx Model - Margout
American Force Model
Tri-Ace Wheels and Tires Models
And Mcee - Bud Beech

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