Another Big Highlight from SEMA 2015, Day 3 Coverage Report!

Another Big Highlight, The Day 3 Coverage of SEMA 2015!

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Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

Day 3 is the most beautiful day of the SEMA show 2015.  The weather has resurrected to its perfect cool sunny condition from yesterday's rain, storm, hails, and thunders. The third day is also the most relaxed but still maintains a high business atmosphere, before the last day of packing up and bringing down the banners.  The good vibes show through our gorgeous photos from the day 3 coverage here and you can see them as a totally different scenery.

We finally found our cover model, Christina Riordan!  By the outside bright sun of Vegas, Christina is a super darling at the Harley Davidson space, ready for photos and happy to engage attendees for on-site registrations.  She always looks amazing!!  And we were very + very happy to find her at SEMA 2015!

We again took a quick photo of Sandra Wong, and her smile is such so infectious and she gave her company here Enkei a huge visual exposure boost instantly!

It's been a long while that we took a picture of our graceful and gorgeous feature model, Ashley Harrell!  At the Continental Tires expansive booth, she looked so sweet and people just could not stop by and taking photos of her and catching up with her, because she just has that friendly magnetism in her!  

At the somewhat odd setup of Performance Pavilion right next to the South Hall, we were totally blindsided this precious space and was surprised to see our feature model, Izzy Poulin at the Hass Concave booth!!!!  Izzy is such a life style model that even at a show, she could whip out gorgeous poses that are like from a look book, or a print commercial.  You definitely should follow her instagram @izzyisup for her really cool beautiful and upbeat photos!

At the Heavy Hitters Wheels booth, there were four stunning beautiful models that could stop the traffic, stop the ship, or stop the earth spinning, if they want to.  Heavy Hitters did a wonderful job bringing in these wonderful models from both sides of the Mississippi River.

Haley Washinsky, Billie Jo Powers, Miss CJ Gibson, and Besjana Dakake, are all like angels descended form Heaven, and landed at the Heavy Hitters booth.  We have huge respect to the high style that the team brought.  We give them highest regard!!

We caught a moment of Dennii, our feature model, at work in Loud Mouth Exhausts, seriously very hard work, signing her posters.  The traffic to the booth has been non-stop since the doors were opened.  This is one of the busiest spot in the whole SEMA show. Great job Dennii!

In the past two days we did not even find the awesome company FondMetal, Motiv, Centerline, and Gear wheels.  We were really excited to find them right outside the South Hall, and their setups are simply majestic!  It is an L-shape corner space with rows of wheels and cars and models.  The sheer space out in the open is a smart move, and then overcame the initial space location challenges and made the whole teams at one place is another marvelous achievement!  As you can see the photos, models look amazing, lighting are extraordinary and everything is just so upbeat!  Our hats off to you all!  Great job well done!!

FondMetal, Motiv, Centerline, Gear Wheels Models

Pinnacle Wheels Model - Gabrielle Romanello

Haas Concave Model - Izzy Poulin

VIP Modular Model 

Viktory Model - Iliana Fischer

Fab Design wheels Models

Harley Davidson Model - Christina Riordan

Cooper Tires Model

Ekei Model - Sandra Wong 

Big Bang Models - Elizabeth Velasquez and Annelise Marie

Vossen Model

Savani Wheels Model - Marie Madore

Savini Model - Erica Juliet

Savini Wheels Model

Continental Tires Model - Ashley Harrell

Pirelli Model 

SATA Model

ENEOS Model - Deseree Fine

HKS Model

VDO Model - Corrie

Anzo Girls

Exedy Girl

Loud Mouth Exhausts Model - Dennii

Barrett Jackson Models

Lesta Isley
Amy Youhas

General Tire Model - Christy Rios

General Tire Model - Ashley Wilke

Asanti Model - Jessica Wood

Heavy Hitters Models

Miss CJ Gibson
Billie Jo Powers
Bejana Dakake
Haley Washinsky
CEC wheels Model - Serenity Shay

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