Sweet And Lovely Cover Model Angeliena Andrada for Exedy, with Cambria Joy Mansfield, and More in Formula Drift Irwindale 2015

Exedy Has Hired Three Very Lovely Models, Including Our Cover Model Angelina Andrada, as well as Cambria Joy Mansfield and More to Help Promoting Their Presence in Formula Drift Irwindale 2015

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Irwindale, CA / W&HM Staff

Our gorgeous cover model, Angelina Andrada, who just came back from an international trip the night prior, showed up bright and shiny at the Exedy booth on the Day 2 of Formula Drift Final Fight Irwindale.  The super lovely and refreshing model shared her brilliant smiles and heart warming friendliness to everyone coming to the booth and passing by the spot.  Angelina definitely was one of the brightest spots in the big event that day!
Together with Anglina was Cambria Joy Mansfield, who has emerged in the car show scene in the recent years, again demonstrated her sheer stunning beauty with her attention-arresting eyes.  Her quiet but powerful personality would leave anyone who encountered breathless and impressed.

And on the Day 1 of the event, there was another model, whom we did not catch the name of, but definitely showed her energetic and carefree self across the occasions.  We can say that this time Exedy has done a great job in having these amazing models for their promotion work at the Formula Drift event!

Angelina Andrada (Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model)

Cambria Joy Mansfield

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