Models, Models, and More Models at Simple Smokes and Vapors 2nd Annual Event @simplesmokes

Ultra Fun Time at The Simple Smokes and Vapor 2nd Annual Meetup Event

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Westminster, CA / W&HM Staff

If the vaping shop vendors know one thing, they know the importance and values of models to promote their business.  Either in car shows that they brought in their own models, or in the vaping convention where the whole venue is filled with promotional models, or their own events, many times, they had cool models to help promote their showing.  And Simple Smokes and Vapors did it really well, and loud!  They had so many models at the show that we did not even have enough time to cover them all before the sun sets and the photographer was exhausted.  Here are some of the highlights from the show, that include our cover models, Jessica Weaver, Sandra Wong, as well as frequent import model Beckie Joon, as well as other new faces that we met the first time there... Great job Simple Smokes and Vapors!

Beckie Joon

More Models!

Our Cover Models, Jessica Weaver and Sandra Wong!

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