Lovely and Lively Hankook Girls at Formula Drift Irwindale 2015

The Formula Drift Event Staple Umbrella Presence - The Hankook Girls: Erica Nagashima, Sarah Top, Madison Taylor, and Erica Juliet

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Irwindale, CA  / W&HM Staff
Hankook Umbrella Girls Team has been one of the longest supporters of the Formula Drift series.  As far back as we can remember through out our magazine's coverage, they have been the most noticeable, most glamorous, and the best dressed umbrella girl team out there.  Here we got a chance to capture their fun and animated selves through the coverage here...

Day 1 Driver Autograph Session

Day 2 Poster Signing Session

Madison Taylor

Sarah Top

Erica Nagashima

Erica Juliet

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