L'Amour Niggle for McLeod at Formula Drift Irwindale 2015 @lamourniggl

Our Feature Model L'Amour Niggl Withstood The Heat and Brought Her A-Game For The McLeod Team Promotion at The Formula Drift Irwindale 2015 Event

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Irwindale, CA / W&HM Staff

During the 100F degrees heat wave in Irwindale Speedway, CA, the air was dry and striking.  Each time one stayed under the sun for more than 2 minutres, one could feel the burn on their bare skin.  The relentless heat just brought everybody under their tents or applying as many protection layers as possible.

Our feature model L'Amour Niggl, could stood the heat and master her trade to bring in more people to the McLeod booth, and passed out flyers to the incoming traffic.  It was hot, really hot, and the polyester uniform did not help either for L'Amour.  We did not know how she could be so perky and bright after several hours of such condition; we guess that the pros really know how they are doing.

Definitely in the next major event, look for L'Amour and catch up with her to show your support of this awesome and talented model!

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