Impressive Gumout Products and Gumout Girls at Formula Drift Irwindale 2015 @itstarynblake

The Gumout Team Striked Gold Again at The Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight Car Show Expo 2015

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Irwindale, CA / W&HM Staff
The Gumout team has come out with strong presence in recent years at Formula Drift.  Not only they brought out their latest inventions and coolest products, they also had stunning Gumout girls at the show to help sending the message, and generating leads.

This  year, they had Taryn Blake and Carina as their Gumout models.  Both have wonderful personalities and both are instant attractions to any passing by foot traffic at the show!

Taryn Blake

We've met Taryn way back in the 2013 EAF Anaheim show.  Ever since then, Taryn has grown into a full fledged model that she is meant to be!   We are very happy to see her again after the two years incubation.  We sure hope to see her more in the future!

Gumout Products

These are the latest and great products from the Gumout company.  Their Expert product line would provide the higher performance and greater power to those cars which really need such boosts, as paraphrased of what their told us!


We haven't met Carina before, so this is the first time for both of us.  Her peaceful demure instantly put us at ease so we just kept clicking away with a lot more pictures.  Great job!!

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