HIN LA 2015 Miss HIN OC 2015 Jessica Wong @jessicuhwong

Sweet and Cute Miss HIN OC Jessica Wong at the HIN LA / San Diego Event

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San Pedro, CA / W&HM Staff

With a flawless body, and big sweet smiles on her beautiful face, Jessica Wong is always a photographer's darling.  No matter where she goes, there always seems to have a following of people like her shadow, moving along side with cameras ready.

Then Jessica always returns their attentions with even greater attention.  She gave everybody a great chance for them to take a great photo memory home.

She does not rush, she does not run away, she just being very graceful and caring to all her fans and friends.  No wonder Jessica is always a hot spot of a car show, that people flock to her!  Always a great job Jessica!!

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