HIN LA 2015 Jojo Dela Cruz and Victoria Barajas and Big Abe! @hotimportnights

Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2015 Model Lounge Beauties and Big Abe!

San Pedro, CA / W&HM
In the model lounge of Hot Import Nights Los Angeles, 2015, there were many beautiful models from all over the country.  The constant flow of import models made the model lounge scene a screen saver of some sort.  We did a "scene capture" of the two cool models from the show, plus a couple of quick snaps of the famous Big Abe!

Jojo Dela Cruz has impressed us in the Extreme Autofest San Diego earlier this year.  Her costume has made an indelible impression on us. Now we had a chance to see Jojo in a less dramatic but equally impressive way here at the HIN LA.
We've known Victoria Brajas since many shows before.  She is always so gentle and charming that we are mesmerized each time we meet her. She has been busy traveling around, and we sure hope to see her more in the southern California in more shows!

Then we have the Big Abe as the staple of many car shows.  If you don't know Big Abe, you don't know southern California car show modeling scene.  He is responsible for countless model lounge security and also his famous Kuya Model Expo shows.  Definitely say hi next time you see him at the model lounge or nearby!

Jojo Dela Cruz

Victoria Barajas

Big Abe

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