Gorgeous Cover Model Annelise Marie, and Mayra Tinajero for Centerline Wheels and Gear Alloy at 2015 Off Road Expo @GearAlloy @OffRoadExpo @Annelisejr @Mayra_Tinajero

Our Cover Model Annelise Marie and Top Model Mayra Tinajero in Stunning Red Dress for Centerline Wheels and Gear Alloy at the Lucas Oil Off Road Expo 2015 

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff

Among the sea of people and vendors, you would immediately be attracted by two highly visible red dress models inside the Pomona Fairplex convention hall 6, the big one.  They are our cover model Annelise Marie as well as a top model Mayra Tinajero, at the the Gear Alloy booth and Centerline Wheels booth.  They are by far the most eye-catching duo across all the convention halls.
Annelise Marie, the stunning blonde model, at the Gear Alloy, had that incredible charming and mesmerizing charisma, which contrasted the hard macho alloy wheels right next to her.  Then Mayra Tinajero, the beautiful brunette, at the Centerline Wheels booth, was always busy signing their posters away and posing with their colorful and unique design wheels, making perfect compliments to each other.
Checking out the Centerline Wheels and Gear Alloy displays, we found that their designs are one of a kind.  The details from the rugged approach, the balance of grace and toughness, and the arts and engineering, all blended in a perfect harmony.  The look, the build, and the fit all look incredibly thoughtful in respect to trucks' characteristics and off road images.

We highly applaud the Centerline Wheels and Gear Alloy that they always bring out the best models to shows and engaging the people and media.  We have nothing but our hats totally off to them!!  We always look forward to seeing them in future shows!

Centerline Wheels

Annelise Marie for Gear Alloy (Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model)

Mayra Tinajero for Centerline Wheels

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