Elegant GReddy Sara Choi and The Great Amy Fay at Formula Drift Irwindale 2015

The Super Charming Greddy Girl Sara Choi and Famous Model Amy Fay at The GReddy Booth in Formula Drift Irwindale 2015

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Irwindale, CA / W&HM Staff

When we walked into the GReddy booth, we were greeted with a very lovely young lady. She was dressed in all white, completed with a pair of white boots.  Sara Choi is GReddy's official umbrella girl at the Formula Drift Irwindale 2015.  Sara has a peaceful and elegant aura around her.  When you asked for a photo op, she would gently pose for you and giving you a wonderful series of great photos.  It was a great moment that we experienced.  Great job Sara!!

As the day winds up around evening, Amy Fay dressed in all black showed up at the same spot, and provided a wonderful team photo opportunity.  the black and white complementary duo totally stylized the whole scene there.  Another great job to all!!

Amy Fay

Sara Choi

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