Bright Formula Drit General Tire Umbrella Girl Dennii

Dennii, Our Friendly and Beautiful Feature Model at The General Tire Booth in Formula Drift Irwindale

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Irwindale, CA / W&HM Staff

On the day one, we ran by the General Tire pit area, and had a feeling that we would see our feature model Dennii there.  It's not always that big tire companies would have their umbrella girls at the first day of the Formula Drift event.  Still, Dennii did not disappoint us and showed up with her happy and upbeat self!  Even though the day one was not her official umbrella girl duty day, she still came in early to check out the event, and meeting everybody there.  What a pro Dennii is!

On the second day, we got several great opportunities to capture this cool feature model in varying locations and ended the shoots with a great series of photos.  Dennii looked perfect in that red blue and white uniform most definitely!  We will see Dennii again for sure at the SEMA show, which is just a few weeks away!

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