Big Preview of Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight (Day 1 Expo Highlight Coverage)

We Got The Big Highlight Coverage of Day 1 at The Formula Drift Irwindale Final Fight 2015 Car Show Expo Area and Driver Autograph Session

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Irwindale, CA / Py Pai

 Round 7, The Final Fight, of Formula Drift 2015 season is an important one.  Since the Formula Drift China has been cancelled, all the pro drivers are going to be judged at this final round and everyone was out there competing hard.  This year's Irwindale track has been slightly modified, but threw a big curve ball at the final clipping point, creating lots of chaos for the drivers as well as havoc on the front bumpers of many cars, as they are very visible inside this article's pictorial exhibits.

On the other hand, the mother nature has been throwing all kinds of tantrums in the last few days.  Over a weekend ago, the temperature was near 70F and it was raining hard!  Now the Day 1 of the Formula Drift here, it was 111F at least, and the sun is nothing but relentless on everybody.  However,
they did not deter some of the models and umbrella girls, who showed up to support the great event, and giving us all the great smiles!

Here is a quick but big picture recap of the Formula Drift Final Fight Irwindale 2015 Car Show Expo and Driver Autograph Session.

L'Amour Niggl (McLeod, Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model)

 Taryn Blake and Carina (Gumout)

 Gumout's newest products - Expert Series

 Cambria Joy Mansfield (Exedy)

 Retaks Girl

 Driver Autograph Session and Umbrella Girl Actually Holding Umbrella Session 

 Arley Elizabeth (Achilles Tires, Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model)

 Arley Elizabeth and Robbie Nishida

 Erica Nagashima (Hankook)

 Masashi Yokoi

 Cambria Joy Mansfield (Exedy)

 Kyle Mohan


 Daijiro Yoshihara

 The Devastating Damages and Competition Cars

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