Beautiful Sandra Wong Our Cover Model at Simple Smokes and Vapors Meet @thesandrawong @simplesmokes

Beautiful Cover Model Sandra Wong Leading The Simple Smokes and Vapors 2nd Annual Meet Up

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Westminster, CA / W&HM Staff

On the flyer of the 2nd annual meet up of Simple Smokes and Vapors shop, Sandra Wong is right at the center smiling at us.  Plus  she posted the banner on her instagram stream.  We had no reason at all not to come to the event and see our cover model again here!

As you all know by now, it's always a great time meeting Sandra.  There is so much to catch up and so much to know, and so much fun to shoot with her.

Even though we did not do her full justice by framing the shots in a natural lighting looking environment, we still managed to create some in-the-moment shots of our beautiful and super awesome cover model!

The SEMA show is coming in less than a month and a half away.  We are sure that we will see Sandra again, and will do a lot more coverage of her for sure!!

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