Awesome Model Jennifer Angel Ancheta for K1 Speed at Formula Drift Irwindale 2015

Jennifer Angel Ancheta Had An Amazing and Hard Working Season, Here at K1-Speed Booth in Formula Drift Irwindale 2015

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Irwindlae, CA / W&HM Staff -
We've known Jennifer Angel Ancheta for quite a long while, and she has always been a highly professional, courteous, and wonderful model.  Each time we see her, she has that very friendly smile and always ready for a beautiful photo op in front of our camera.  Besides the warm interpersonal connections, Jennifer also has that kind heart toward her friends and peers.  We still remember one time down in San Diego, we had a car trouble, and Jennifer was at a battery booth, and she helped us to no end.  A friend in need is a friend in deed. We truly appreciate her great cares and generosity.  Jennifer is totally awesome!!

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