Sweet Cover Model Angelina Andrada and Model Sylvia Daniels at The Rohana Wheels Booth in 2015 Bimmerfest @Rohanawheels

 Sweet Cover Model Angelina Andrada And Sylvia Daniels at the Bimmerfest for Rohana Wheels

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
It's always good to see our cover model Angelina Andrada!!  She is always so sunny and bright, radiating through her beautiful smile.  At the Bimmerfest 2015 in Fontana, CA, Angelina is at the Rohana Wheels booth.  The elegant uniform by Rohana accentuated the wonderful curves of Angelina and highlighted her welcoming personality.  Together with the metal wheels on display, Angelina gave us a flawless performance of her promotional work!

We are so happy that we may work with her again.  Definitely once we have more awesome photos of her, we will bring them to you!!

Angelina Andrada (Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model)

Rohana Wheels

Rohana Wheels has been in the industry for a great deal of years.  In this highly competitive market, Rohana maintains their edgy and strong designs.  They stood out in the sea of wheels from all types of vendors.  Check them out at their web site to find out more about their lines of products!

Silvia Daniels (Rohana Model)

We've never met Sylvia before, but we were fully impressed by her beauty and her elegance.  We sure hope that we will meet her again in the future event!

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