Super Leggy Models at the Busy #DUB SHow LA 2015

Incredibly Leggy Models Ashley Monique, Christina Riordan, Jenny Marie, Monika Cozlin, and More Leggy Models  at The DUB Show Los Angeles, 2015

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM
DUB Show is always a great fun show to go to.  The dazzling arrays of stage light and flash strobes, loud music accompanied by smoky air, are all just backdrops of endless visual feast of cars, and models.

Among all the different modeling styles, we particularly noticed the leggy models that made the show classy, sexy and extra awesome.  Just when we started our coverage of the show, we immediately ran into Ashley Monique at the AMF Wheels booth.  She instantly gave us a great coverage and ample time for the great pictures here.

Then we were roaming around and were hit left and right with these leggy models.  At the Harley Davidson shop, our cover model Christina Riordan as well as her fellow model Jenny Marie, showed off the cool HD looks with their boots.
Then swing farther down the venue, we were greeted by our feature model Monika Cozlin for VIBE, and she definitely gave us the room and time to do a great capture of her by the super sexy wheels and cars.

There were many more and some of them that you might remember from our earlier articles (here).  Definitely check it out here and the previous article of these crazily amazing leggy models!

Ashley Monique (AMF Model)

Christina Riordan (Harley Davidson Model)

Jenny Marie (Harley Davidson Model)

Monika Cozlin (VIBE Model)

More Leggy Models at DUB Show LA

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