Reality Show Star Brittany Brickner for Vertini Wheels at Bimmerfest 2015 @BrittBrixx

The Reality Show She's Got Game Star Brittany Brickner for Vertini Wheels at the Bimmerfest

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
VH1 has put out a reality show called She's Got Game.  The show is like the Bachelor show with the artist "The Game", but with a more in-person style.  Among all the ladies, Brittany Brickner stood out as a super bright and smart and gorgeous candidate.  We saw her line to "The Game"'s challenge in a fun strip daring game, we could not help but think out "Atta Girl!!  What a smart comeback!"

Brittany has been on many posters and been in many shows and also crown holder in various contests.  Her friendly personality and gorgeous self made the spot always an attraction to stop by.  This ambitious, warm, beautiful, and sparkling model, reality show star, title winner would have no end to her career!

As for the line that she said in the show?  You've got to ask her!!  Definitely find her next time when you go to a car show that she will be attending!

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