Mesmerizing Crystal Mendez at Simple Smokes and Vapors @Ilove_CRYSTAL @simplesmokes

Gorgeous Crystal Mendez Demonstrated Her Artful Skills at Simple Smokes and Vapors Meet

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Westminster, CA / W&HM
Ever since we saw Crystal Mendez at an event, we were simply struck by her sheer beauty and ultra femininity.  Her mesmerizing speaking eyes, her honey sweet smiles, her elegant lyrical poses, all are the successful elements of this amazing model.  Crystal always has her ultra chic and fashion rich modeling styles with her, and that's also why we love her so much!

At the Simple Smokes and Vapors event, we were so happy to see her again!  The little time that we spent with her by the cars, she gave us a super awesome photoshoot session that highlights her creativity and boldness and the sheer beauty!

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