Leggy Models Monika Cozlin and Yari Vanessaa Perfect Fit for Curva Concepts Wheels @monikacozlin

Ultra Leggy Models Monika Cozlin and Yari Vanessaa, Perfect for Curva Concepts Wheels at Bimmerfest 2015

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
At the big Bimmerfest 2015 event in Autoclub Speedway, Fontana, CA, there were many vendor presences at the show.  Many of them brought their beautiful and elegant models to represent their brands.  Among others, two of the models stood tall in their ambassadorship at the Curva Concepts.

Curva Concepts have their signature looks with long spiky designs that reinforce the feel of slim and elegance as well as strength.  At the booth, they had our feature model, Monika Cozlin, as well as Yari Vanessaa, as their promotional models.  Both the models gave the total package to reflect these fundamentals of the Curva Designs.

Here are more photos that prove the point here...

Monika Cozln (Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model)

Curva Concepts

Yari Vanessaa 

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