Ladies and Gentlemen, and Los Muertos Parinted-Personalities at The Carros Y Corridos Car Show 2015

Carros Y Corridos Car Show Was Full Of Personalities of Real Person Models, Also Guys and Symbolism of Los Muertos Paint Arts!

Ontario, CA / W&HM Staff -
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At the very hot weather car show in the Inland Empire, Carros Y Corridos has brought many of the Hispanic, particularly Mexican, car owners and clubs and fans.  Even though we did not get to see a whole lot of promotional models, we still got the chance to sample
many of the unique arts of body paints, the car bodies we mean.  At least we got the chance to capture the Del Records models, as well as Arma Energy, plus Culichi Town girls!

Models at The Show

Car Body Paint Art

 The story-bound and symbolism-rich car body paint art is a popular form of expression to the Hispanic custom car owners.  In this case, you could find many of them decorated their cars' hoods, side panels, or any space that one can find to fit in for a personal touch.

Also over the years, we have seen progressively refined craftsmanship or artistry in this style of works.  We've seen crude renditions of various figures, to nowadays high art fine work in many of the cars.

We totally appreciate this form of unique car arts and look forward to seeing more of them in the future!

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