HIN LA 2015 Leggy Gwendolynne Gee Model and Hostess #Hotimportnights @GwendolynneG

Super Leggy and Expressive and Creative Model / Hostess Gwendolynee Gee at Hot Import Nights (HIN) Los Angeles 2015

San Pedro, CA / W&HM
We've always been a great fan of Gwendolynne Gee ever since she appeared on our radar screen at the XDC / Remix Del Mar 2011.  She showed a totally different style of modeling than other models.  She was so friendly engaging, freely animated, and ultra passionate about modeling that we were totally impressed.

Here again at the HIN Los Angeles, we got a rare exclusive chance to capture this gorgeous model and hostess, and showed the great talents that she has!  Not only her super beautiful legs and highly expressive emotional spectrum, we also show her awesome self as the official HIN hostess and model with the ZEVO sign!  Always a great job, Gwendolynne Gee!!  Definitely check out the full article of how gorgeous and classy sexy this amazing talent is!

Gwendolynne Gee Leggy Look

The Expressive Gwendolynne

The ZEVO-aware Gwendolynne Gee

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