HIN LA 2015 Gorgeous Hanna Ferraez and Cristal Aguirre for SpekTrum Magazine

The Refreshingly Gorgeous Hanna Ferraez and Beautiful Cristal Aguirre for Spek Trum Magazine at Hot Import Nights (HIN) Los Angeles 2015 

San Pedro, CA / W&HM
At the Hot Import Night Los Angeles 2015 show, many vendors brought their models to the show.  The cool booth right by the stage, Spek Trum, they had two gorgeous models with them, Hanna Ferraez and Cristal Aguirre.  The two beautiful models easily and instantaneously attracted the passing crowd to either take a picture with them, or garnered interests on what the booth had to offer.

Even thought the booth was right next to the stage, where huge blast of music and MC'ing continuously dominating throughout the night, the dynamic duo had a great time and definitely met a lot of people at the event.  The Spek Trum booth had the Extreme Autofest Team as well as the World Wide Lancer Club staff on deck, accompanied by their awesome cars right next to the booth.  We will have more coverage in the future of these cool cars too!

Now click on the below link and check out all the awesome photos of Hanna and Cristal in the full article!

Hanna Ferraez

Under the sunset softlight, we got a chance to do a semi-nano-portrait shoot with the beautiful Hanna Ferraez.  With the glowing light on her hair, and sweet smile on her face, Hanna totally commanded the beautiful looks that showed up on the back of our camera.  Our hats' off to her!!

Cristal Aguirre

We've known Cristal for quite a while, and she always looks so happy and stunning!  Cristal is such a wonderful model and person that it's always a great pleasure meeting her and taking pictures of this beautiful model!

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