Gorgeous Marie Madore, Miss HIN Dallas, at #HIN SD 2015 @mariemmao @hotimportnights

Marie Madore, Miss HIN Dallas 2015, at HIN San Diego
Miss HIN Dallas 2015
Marie Madore at HIN SD

Miss HIN Dallas 2015, Marie Madore, Effortlessly Charmed The California HIN Crowd at HIN San Diego 2015

Del Mar, CA / W&HM
This is the first time we met Marie Madore, and it's quite a memorable time we must say!  This young and mesmerizing beauty from Dallas, has that tall and slim and toned figure, which stood out in the crowd of import models at the show.  Marie carried that Texas confidence with her, but with a tint of Asian allure and coyness.  The lethal combination simply is something that the California crowd cannot handle.  Everywhere Marie went, there were people, cameras, flashes, more people following her.  Marie was always so gracious and giving everybody an opportunity for their camera to do their work and let them bring home a great memory of this awesome model!  We definitely see this amazing talent skyrocketing to the superstardom in no time at all!

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