Eye-Popping Gigantic Highlights from The Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2015 @hotimportnights #HIN #HIN2015

 Huge Import Model Highlights and Great Show Car Highlights from The 2015 Hot Import Nights Los Angeles

San Pedro, CA / Py Pai
This is the second time of the legendary Hot Import Nights (HIN) Los Angeles that is held in the port city downtown San Pedro, CA.  In all aspects, it's bigger, and better and stronger!  It's truly a highly enjoyable experience for all spectators, show personalities and car-sonality, as well as vendors both in show and local.  Overall, it's a greatly celebrated success!!

Under the soothing heat of downtown San Pedro, the sun was setting just as the show was getting started.  It provided the perfect golden hour for everybody to look good.
 The entrance fee for the show is FREE!!  This drew in a huge volume of people, and the city blocks were filled with show fans and locals.  It's a great family time, car-bro time, as well as girl-power time.

At the show, there were multiple concurrent proceedings of fun and entertainment.  The famous model lounge was constantly streamed with both familiar faces as well as newbies.  The cars were lined up along the street, giving that lifestyle vibe, and you would not be disappointed by any means for the exotic and showy cars there.  The stage is just a non-stop activities, with lots of fantastic go-go dancing, free swags throw-aways, as well as Miss HIN beauty contests, and model competitions, including the fun contest to see who can drink the boba fastest.  The excitements were high and the audience was transfixed. 

 Through out the show, for every foot of the step, you would always find something to do, to eat, or to drink, or to vape, or to take pictures of, or to catch up with your favorite models and cars.  It's an adult wonderland for car enthusiasts and model followers.  The street scene set up is simply awesome and unique.  It combined the old city charm with the new generation fun.  It's like I.M. Pei's glass pyramid in the middle of the Louvre Museum.  Our hats off to the organizer and the team who made it happen.  And definitely to the models and car owners that made the show so spectacular.  And of course to the sponsors and vendors that really made it happened!  This is totally awesome!!

Now check out all the beauties, the beasts, and more beauties in the full article here...

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Dannie Riel (taking a break from the long line of admirers)

Monika Cozlin (Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model) 

 Eva Skye

 Alyhed Morales 

 Jessica Wong (Miss HIN OC 2015)

 Chelley L

 Amber Rayn

 Victoria Barajas

   Jaslinsky (update: not L.L as mentioned before)

 Jojo Dela Cruz

Jessica B Love

 Marcela Goston

 Phuong Tu and Jessica B Love

 More Model...

 Big Abe


Gwendolynne G

She has given us such an amazing exclusive photo op at the show, that we just could not stop taking photos of here all around!!  Gwendolynne is super awesome!!

 Alyhed Morales Go-Go Dancing on Stage

 The Model Drinking Boba Contest


These are some super amazing cars from Prestige Marketing, Team Hybrid, AA Autoworks, Team Immaculate, and many more!!  (Star Wars seems to be a big trend nowadays... )


 Arley Elizabeth (Valvoline, Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model)

Angelina Andrada (Prestige Marketing and it's jdm yo!, Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model) 

 Brittani Paige (Naked Sushi, Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model)

 Marie Madore (Naked Sushi)

 More Model (Naked Sushi)

 Hanna Ferraez (Spek Trum)

 JDM Sport Girls (JDM Sport)

Airica Moe (JDM Sport)
 Sameera Siddiqui (JDM Sport)
 Jasmyn Skye (JDM Sport)
 Jenna (JDM Sport)

 Brittany Brickner (Vertini Wheels, "She's Got Game" Reality Show star)

 Courtney Simmons (Vertini Wheels)

 Amber Marie (Stance Wheels)

  Ana Dari (ShareTea)

 Victoria Tee (Drunk Gamers)

 Kristina Chai (Drunk Gamers)

 Alyssa Boulton (Mr Clean)

 Alona Cherie (Mr Clean)

The Obligatory Bikini Models 

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