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Chosen by Our Editor, Here Are The Top 5 Models From Our Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day 2015 Coverage

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Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff
After the coverage photos of the 3rd Annual Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day car show were brought back, we did an immediately review and analysis.  We saw some of the top stunning models who look totally stunning, and that propelled us to do a "Top 5 Models" of the show to highlight their awesomeness and super talents!  If all goes well, we may do more in more car show coverage!

These are the models that greatly stood out from the crowd, and showed their professionalism from head to toe, from the inside to the outside!  In only first name alphabetical order, here are the top five models at the Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day 2015...

Erica Nagashima (Road Race Engineering)

Erica Nagashima is a long time amazing model.  You can call her a fashion model, a print model, a car show model, a brand ambassador, or simply a "Top Model".  Whenever we see Erica, she is always at the play mood.  To her, modeling and interacting with people is lots of fun, and it's even more fun for us to capture this beauty and brainy model.  Follow her at IG at @ericanagashima.


Jessica Weaver (SP Engineering)

Our Wheels and Heels Magazine blond bombell cover model, Jessica Weaver, has never failed to impress us with her approachable personality and graceful model persona.  Jessica is such an amazign model that we worked with.  Everything about her photos are about celebration of being a beautiful woman.  We are planning another cover feature of this amazing model in the future, and definitely stay tuned for that awesome cover to come!  You can follow Jessica at her IG account: @jessicakes33.  

Julie Mai (Nitto Tire)

We don't see Julie Mai as much as other awesome regulars.  However, each time we see her, she always has that bright and sunny California smile wearing on her face.  Ever since the early days that we covered her in the past, Julie is always a very professional and a great example of being a promo model.  We are very happy to learn that she will be attending SEMA this year again, so expect more of her around the end of the year to show up too!  Follow Julie on her IG: @jooliemai 


L'Amour Niggl (McLeod Racing)

In a short year or two, L'Amour Niggl has captured people's attention with her sparkling eyes, and long and shapely legs.  We have worked with L'Amour a couple of times, and both are a wonderful experience, and the pictures came out stunning for sure!  On top of that, L'Amour has a wonderful girl-next-door friendly attitude toward people, which simply makes her even more pleasant to work with!  Although she is not posty as other peers, but check out her IG account for more happy life moments at @misslamout_official.


Vivian Nguyen (GReddy Racing)

Vivian Nguyen is like a gem in the whole wild world of car show modeling.  She is very much deep into the drifting world, and is a buddy with Ken Gushi, the world-famous drift champion.  You can find her more in the GReddy booth wherever they have a presence.  Vivian always presents such a sweet and refreshing model image in the vast sea of glamour and sensuality.  Find out more about Vivian at her IG account: @thevivs.  

You can also find more coverage photos of these amazing Top 5 Models from the labels below to get a glimpse of the long past years back of the coverage of these awesome models!!

Did we miss any top model?  Let us know by commenting below!!

* To see more coverage and features of the model, click on the labels below in the gray box. * If you have links to other sources of the model, please add to the comment section. * Model, if you like provide updates, or request changes, please let us know.
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