The Stunning Blonde Cover Model Jessica Weaver foir ACE Alloy Wheels at #DonutsNWheels @jessicakes33

Under The Sun, Under The Shade, Our Cover Model Jessica Weaver is Always Gorgeous No Matter Where

(Click photos to view in their original HR size) Chino, CA / W&HM Staff

Jessica Weaver was destined to be a super promo model ever since she started in the industry.  She has the gorgeous look, a non-assuming personality, business savvy brain, and very kind heart.  With her huge followings and immense popularity, Jessica is definitely a super star shining brightly across the sky!

Here at the Donuts N Wheels car show, Jessica represented ACE Alloy Wheels and made a great impression on all the car show attendees, as well as being the awarding trophy celebrity for the sound off competition.  Whenever you talk to Jessica, you always have a clam feeling, and taking pictures of her a glamour moment!  Ace definitely made an ace decision to have Jessica on board for the brand!  Great job all!

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