The Cuttest Import Models at #Spocom Super Show 2015 Model Lounge @EllenRaie @Noemii_J

The Cutest Import Models in The Famous Model Lounge in Spocom Super Show Anaheim 2015 

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Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Spocom Super Show has one of the industry's top features, the famous model lounge.  This is the place where big name import models meet their fans, and a few new faces will have the chance to play in the big league.  Across the board left coast or right coast, this is considered one of, if not _the_ biggest model lounge is all car shows!!

We hand picked several highly notable and the cutest models in the model and some of them are our cover models!!  Although it was hard just to pick a few, but the ones here are truly the champions of the models, being beautiful, approachable, fun, and simply wow!!

Angelina Andrada

Angelina is our cover model and has a natural affinity to people.  You can find more about her here.

 Ellen Raie

This is the first time we met Ellen.  We were already instantaneously mesmerized by her eyes and smile and everything about her!

 Noemii J

Noemii J is such a bright star and has that amazing look and sparkles in her eyes!

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